Men's Fashion Week 2021, analysis of the shows

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ZWITTER analyzes the runway shows:

Durant  la fashion week à Paris, les plus grandes maisons de haute couture ont pu présenter leurs créations au grand public. On fait un petit récapitulatif sur ces défilés parfois digitalisé. 

La fashion week chez Dior Homme:

The house of Dior proposed a remarkable show as at each fashion week. This time, the big house offers a parade in a desert universe, bordering on the fantastic. Cactus and animal skulls are represented in very large, so the models parade on this catwalk particularly rich. As for the creations, elephant leg and retro sunglasses are at the rendezvous. The creations are colorful, imposing and fluid for some. Some pieces are works of art in themselves they are the reflection of paintings of some remarkable painters. Other pieces are more delicate in crochet where others are even more crazy with flash colors. Finally we find a lot of animal motifs on the creations, the natural side is very present which takes more depth because of a relatively imposing decoration.

At Rick Owens:

For this season, the house Owens presents an original collection with a sober decor. Indeed, the digital fashion show is presented at the seaside, which confers a delicate and sensitive atmosphere. The nature and the setting particularly remarkable confers a soothing and delicate atmosphere to the show. Regarding the creations we find something powerful, and imposing in contrast to the decor which is calmer. This contrast highlights the creations. We find imposing shoulder pads and futuristic glasses on the majority of the creations presented during this fashion show.

Fashion week at Ernest W.Baker:

This season, Ernest W. Baker offers a digital fashion show much darker than that of Rick Owens, the atmosphere is much less soothing and gives power to this show. We are then immersed in an almost post-apocalyptic universe. The parade takes place under the rain and the models wear umbrellas. In an equally contradictory way, they wear sunglasses. In terms of creation, we find many costumes, but also pieces in crochet. In terms of footwear, we find santiags, but also rubber boots that seem to agree with the rainy universe of this digital fashion show.

At George Wendell:

Concernant George Wendell, l’univers de ce défilé citadin est très différent ; Le spectateur se trouve plongé dans un milieu retro avec une grosse inspiration des années 80 à 90. Pour ce défilé digital, les modèles sont placés au centre et sont souriants et joyeux ce qui rend tout de suite agréable à regarder pour les spectateurs. Cette vidéo très citadine est donc conviviale et joyeuse. On se trouve donc à mi-chemin entre un univers professionnel et plus détente. Cela se retrouve dans les créations. En effet on trouve un mix entre des tenues de travail comme des costumes mixés à des éléments portés à la plage comme un short de bain par exemple. Cette collection présente de façon désinvolte presque satirique le quotidien de nombreux professionnels aujourd’hui.

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