Long shunned because of its old-fashioned vintage connotation, pastel is making a comeback among the year’s make-up trends.

How to wear it in 2020? Zwitter gives you all the advice you need to achieve a beautiful look with pastel colours without making any mistakes..

Lavender, sugared blue, powder pink, water green… Pastel colours were noticed on the catwalks during the presentations of the spring-summer 2020 fashion collections and have become the fashion trend of the season, but they are also found on summer make-up. Often considered as too pale, know everything to adopt these particular colours.

Designers have gone to great pains to reinvent this style straight out of the 1980s. Rather than imitating the look of pop icons of the time such as Madonna, Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears, sweet colours is freeing itself from its vintage connotation often considered old-fashioned and is coming back in 2020 in a much more subtle and delicate version.


Pastel, 2020’s flagship make-up trend.

Sweet colours are coming back in force this season to dress our eyes. Soft and delicate, they can be subtle for light make-up, but can become intense for more daring and sophisticated looks. Pastel brings a lot of softness and freshness” !

Of low intensity, these tones are ideal for people who want to use colours on their eyes but who didn’t dare to take the plunge with the bright shades of the palettes. And for those who have already mastered the art of colour, pastel becomes a new challenge. We have to relearn how to handle colours, to associate them and to find which ones correspond best to us. “Pastel is the ‘new nude’

They are very easy to wear. There is bound to be a colour that will flatter your complexion, whatever your age or skin colour”.

How do you make up with pastel make-up?

Zwitter recommends choosing a maximum of two areas of the face to be made up in pastel and no more. For example, choose a satin pastel eye shadow and apply it with a flat brush over the entire mobile eyelid, blurring the contours in the crease of the eye.

It’s more modern if the blush is a little blurred, rather than making an impeccable graphic line. Add a very strong, creamy pink or orange pastel blush. Apply mascara and finish with a touch of transparent or coral gloss,”.

For an evening look with pastel, Zwitter advises betting on glittering finishes. You can add a second, darker shade in the crease. To select the ideal color, refer to the ones you usually use. If you prefer warm shades, pink, yellow, peach and all other colours with warm tones should work for you.

They will rather emphasize green, blue, grey eyes. If on the contrary you prefer cold colours, turn to sky blue, lilac or mint green, which will go perfectly with brown, hazelnut or black eyes. But again, you can use lilac if you have blue eyes and put pink on your brown eyes. It all depends on your taste of course.

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