Monochrome, a look to adopt? Let's talk about it!

monochrome tendance couleurs femme marque zwitter made in france

Monochrome, a trend?

Since 2020 we can see these particularly colorful looks blooming everywhere: the monochrome look. Whether it's casual, chic or more original, monochrome looks are here for you!

Monochrome, the concept

monochrome tendance couleurs femme marque zwitter made in france

The principle is simple, just choose a color and make it a complete outfit. Every detail of the outfit is composed of the selected color. The choice of the color is the first step and a key step for a successful monochrome look. The easiest colors to use are the most basic ones like black, white, beige or blue, but you can also be more original by daring to use red, pink, green or brown, which are very trendy this season.you should know that it is possible not to keep the same tones, the nice thing about monochrome looks is that you can very well vary with the shades of the color chosen. A pink look can have many shades of pink, in clear a cameo of pink.

What style for a monochrome look?

Your look can be casual, a jogger and hoodie set in the same color. Or more chic with a pantsuit that gives immediately more class to your look. Accompanied by pumps or derbies, you immediately have a certain presence that is further enhanced by the monochrome of your outfit.

From there you can let your imagination run wild in terms of detail and use your most original pieces to combine with your basics.

The different fabrics used can also give another dimension to your looks. Combining different materials can make your outfit more original and make it more casual or on the contrary more chic. Think of your leather, cotton, vinyl, fur ...

monochrome tendance couleurs femme marque zwitter made in france

The inspirations and possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination. So a monochromatic look is far from boring or bland. You'll give your look a boost with the pieces you use.

The choice of color is not to be taken lightly either, a more basic color like black or white will be less striking than green or blue or even pink or red. And if you decide to stay with a less flashy color like pale pink, it's really the originality of the pieces and their material that will make the difference.

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