Women and French art.

musées et femmes paris art marque zwitter made in france

Women and French art:

Zwitter, a premium ready-to-wear brand, honors women in its creations. This committed and feminist art form celebrates the female gender. Thus we propose you a selection of exhibitions and engaged artists.

WOMEN PAINTERS, 1780 - 1830 - Birth of a struggle:

musées et femmes paris art marque zwitter made in france

The Luxembourg museum offers us an unusual exhibition, this exhibition gathers works of women painters between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. These women are honored.

Indeed, all the women painters of this period had to impose themselves in a world where they did not necessarily have many rights and recognition compared to men. They fought beside their artistic work for fundamental rights such as training, but also a professional life or their existence as a woman. They were therefore real actors in important social changes but also in artistic revolutions of their period. Today these works are seen as major elements of a given artistic period. They fought to be perceived as real professionals in their field and to be able to live from their art. 

Through 70 works, this exhibition highlights artists such as Adelaide Labille-Guiard, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun or Angélique Mongez. There are several themes within the exhibition: the right to be painters: anti-academism and the feminization of fine arts; Learning. Dilettantes and professionals; The Salon: an essential space in mutation; Me. Painter. In the course of this exhibition we will find works but also symbols of change in morals at that time. 

Niki de Saint Phalle:

Niki de Saint Phalle was born in Neuilly sur Seine in 1930. She is a French-American artist, painter and sculptor.

Not being initially from an artistic formation she approaches art in a "self-taught" way. She learned on her own and was influenced by contemporary artists.

The visual artist, began to paint in 1952. She is part of the group of new realists and first realizes great works in the field of sculpture such as the famous Stravinsky fountain commissioned by the state to Niki and her husband at the time Jean Tinguely. 

Thereafter, Niki became known internationally with her works Les Tirs in the 1960s. But also with her most committed work, Les Nanas. These large sculpted dolls are notable works of the artist. The female body is represented in its entirety with its curves and sensuality. Niki de Saint Phalle, a committed artist, offers us these statues of a dizzying size. She reminds us that each woman is different, that each body is different and beautiful in its own way.


musées et femmes paris art marque zwitter made in france

French visual artist born in Saint-Etienne in 1947, Orlan has made a name for herself internationally with her sculptures and her imposing works. Orlan considers the body as a sculpture and lets us know it, in fact she questions the body and the pressure that is imposed on it in many different ways. Through religions, social pressure and political pressure. Orlan denounces and proves her feminist commitment through her works. She considers that the woman's body must be free to be and to exist in its entirety. For that she does not hesitate to propose surprising works, sometimes said shocking by certain public. She questions the social norms related to the woman's body and invites us to think about it. 


At Zwitter, art is different, sewing, creation and originality are the main activities. Angela Hilaire, the designer, offers us her own creations to highlight the woman, her body, her curves and this for each body and each woman. Zwitter invites women to feel like women and to feel fulfilled when they wear Zwitter. This approach of committed and deceptively casual feminism is one of Zwitter's key values.

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