Trends to follow this year!

tendances femmes oversize de la marque zwitter

Trends with inspiration straight out of the 90s-2000s

At the beginning of spring 2021, new trends are appearing. It is with a return of the trends of the 90s to 2000 that baggy jeans, wide leg jeans, colorful prints, patterned tops or the famous baguette bag are in the spotlight. Alongside them in the world of accessories, retro sunglasses are making a big comeback and are becoming essential for the summer of 2021.

Oversize is back in style

After many years with skinny jeans in front and worn in all circumstances, this year it is with a very strong inspiration of the 2000s that the jeans baggy and the jean wide leg are back. Leave your skinny pants in the closet and get ready for this new trend. Accompanied by your most beautiful pair of sneakers, these jeans go with any type of top. Whether you opt for a oversize t-shirt, a crop top or a corset you will always be at the forefront of trends.

Speaking of corsets, Zwitter offers the Arizona corset that goes perfectly with a streetwear look.

tendances femmes oversize de la marque zwitter

In addition to the chill style that brings the baggy jeans, it gives you a undeniable comfort ! In these times of confinement it is even possible to wear it at home or to put it on just to go shopping. Just goes to show that it is possible to combine trend and comfort!

The baguette bag, a trend inspired by the greatest companies

Beside the jeans this season, the editors also have a little crush on the "baguette" bagThis season's inevitable return to the 90's.

Originally created by the Fendi's brandThe baguette bag made its appearance in 1997. Silvia Venturini Fendi promotes it and says that it is a bag that embodies the house of Fendi in craftsmanship and quality.

He went on to become so successful that he appeared in the world famous American series Sex and the city.Over the years, this bag has undergone beautiful evolutions in terms of colors and materials while keeping the shape that made its success. Qualified as the it girl bag by excellence, it has been worn by very influential women like Jennifer Lopez or Julia Roberts.

It continues to be an enormously worn bag to the point of selling 1 million copies in 2016. It is in 2020 The baguette is making a comeback in the "90's fashion trend" and is available in many brands much more accessible than Fendi or Prada. Visible daily in the street, the baguette always makes a great impression and fashion addicts are snatching it up and wearing it easily in any situation: a night out with friends, a dinner at the restaurant or just as a handbag to go to work. Perfectly included in this fashion trend inspired by the 90's, the baguette is the bag to have in his wardrobe in this year 2021. Its timeless side makes it a fashion and taste icon.

Retro sunglasses, a trend back in fashion

This summer get ready to take out your best pairs of retro glasses, they are making a comeback. Accompanied by wide leg jeans and a baguette, they finalize a look perfectly inspired by the 90's for your greatest pleasure. Black, white and colored it's up to you to choose! You will be able to find them in the big houses but also at more accessible prices at certain brands and even in the attic of your parents. In short, originality is the key word.

tendances femmes oversize de la marque zwitter

To be even more original you can also play on the detail. Retro-inspired glasses with shocking details dress up your outfits and make them original. At ZwitterWe offer you a pair that breaks the classic codes of eyewear and energizes any face. The pair of WELLE sunglasses can match this retro style and brings freshness to an outfit.

Now it's your turn to play!

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