Wedding: the season can begin! Long live the couple!

mariage tendance femme marque zwitter made in france

Wedding: the season can begin... Traditionally, there are more weddings in the warm weather than in the winter. Although it is not impossible, the return of the warm weather means that the wedding season can begin.

What is the trend in 2021 for a wedding?

Every year, the codes evolve in terms of wedding. Whether it is the decoration, the food or the bride's dress, the codes change. This year is no exception to the rule, despite the fact that weddings have been put to the test due to the COVID-19. Some trends are imposed and we decipher them together.

mariage tendance femme marque zwitter made in france

Sober colors are at the heart of a successful decoration. Choose more natural colors for a chic but accessible atmosphere. Outdoor dining is a must because of the covid but also allows you to reconnect with nature which supports that somewhat bohemian vibe. Dried flowers are also used a lot this season, they bring something different compared to real flowers. Natural elements such as flowers, dried or fresh, bamboo, wheat are used a lot to decorate the places chosen for a wedding. They bring this very nice and sober vegetal side.

The new generation is much less formal and is looking for a more relaxed and less strict wedding, which allows them to let themselves go as much in terms of outfits as in ceremonies. These weddings are therefore less formal and more minimalist, the organizations are more local and are done in smaller committees.

Concerning the outfits, the bride and groom as well as the guests tend to wear more responsible outfits, the goal being to be able to wear their outfits again, so they are less extravagant. The vintage even invites itself and it is not surprising to see grooms and guests with a vintage outfit. This trend is born in the anti-waste and anti-mass consumption waves we are experiencing.

The outfits are still very chic and sophisticated, but in a different atmosphere, more natural and more bohemian than a very traditional and kitsch wedding.

What to wear to a wedding in 2021?

mariage tendance femme marque zwitter made in france

Dresses are still very popular for these ladies, but they can also wear a suit and pants, very chic and very trendy this season. To stick with this natural decor you can leave on sober colors like beige, pale pink, brown ...

But the color should not be put aside. For a floral wedding, colorful do not skimp on the means and be connected by daring the color.

As for the cut, the slit dress is a no-fail, accompanied by pumps you will fall. The puffed sleeves are also a shocking detail that adds cachet to an outfit. A wedding is the perfect occasion to wear this type of pieces. If you decide to go with sober colors, don't hesitate to highlight your outfit with details that make the strength of the garment and therefore of the outfit.

For the bride and groom, we see more and more brides leaving the traditional white dress very extravagant. Some opt for a simpler dress but just as pretty.

At Zwitter we have a few outfits that we think are appropriate for the occasion. While every wedding is different, here are some examples.

Outfits made by Zwitter for your wedding in 2021

Bohemian atmosphere, natural chic
mariage tendance femme marque zwitter made in france

The dress HARLEM from the LEBEN collection fits well with a bohemian chic atmosphere.

Chic, trendy atmosphere

The dress BROOKLYN as well as the dress MANHATTAN are perfect for something chic and sober.

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