Welcome to the LEBEN universe

Leben, life. A rebirth in springtime colours. The woman is highlighted and represents a modern goddess. The cuts are imposing and floral. The materials are intriguing, soft and rough at the same time. This collection re-draws our morphology

Welcome to the FÜNF universe

Fünf is a literally female collection with the image of Zwitter. The fabrics are delicate but strong in emotion. This collection is the symbol of a culture rich in history. An universe through our 5 years of story, your story…

Welcome to the STÄRKE universe

Stärke is a cocktail of colorful joy and originality. The collection breaks all codes. There are no women or men or ethnicity but there is still a garment ready to be worn like an open book that only asks for the beginning of a new story, your story.

Welcome to the BLUME universe

Blume is a reflection of a strong woman, a warrior. It is a unique collection combining clothing and accessories. The cuts are fluid and minimalist, the materials are opposed to underline the double personality of all of them.