Zwitter, notre histoire, our story

Our Story is Your Story

Since 2011, the line plays with fashion and codes, mixing genres. Nothing is left to chance, from the cut to the material, each piece tells us its story. Zwitter fights for its Made in France and its quality.


Zwitter is much more than a clothing line, it's a story, a way of perceiving and expressing the world of fashion, a complete universe that highlights the human body, a philosophy of life.

Angela, the designer, created this brand in 2011 with the vision of a wardrobe that would be filled with a unique story. The collections are all inspired by the travels explored by the designer. The shapes are vaporous and clear, sublimated by many details, other more structured sets are inspired by the men's wardrobe.

Zwitter is a timeless and unisex brand, because we cannot and we do not want to limit ourselves. Each piece reveals a part of our personality and expresses who we are.
Zwitter customers dares everything, that's how we recognize them.



Zwitter wants to be a feminist by adopting a falsely casual attitude.

Angela revisits all the basics of clothing so that everyone remains true to themselves and to the image they project. Creativity and curiosity also inspire the mixing of materials. Proposing singular cuts, constructions that enhance any outfit. Another concept is very important the designer: rarity. The designer wants a free fashion, which is inspired more by travel and the street than by the magazines and podiums. The brand believes that the future solution for a more sustainable fashion and planet is to produce less clothing. Since 2020, our workshop only makes one piece at a time and only makes it to order.

Because we are precious and unique. Our story, is your story.


Angela Hilaire

CEO Of Zwitter