Our favourite fashionable women are making trends and sometimes inspiring us…

slip dress

Today, Zwitter tells you about a piece that they are all tearing off: the nightie dress. The nightie dress was one of the big trends of the 1990’s and early 2000’s but at the time, it was rarely available without lace on the collar or bottom hem!

Impossible not to succumb to it knowing that before us, it charmed Kate Moss and Carrie Bradshaw. Just the two greatest muses of the 90s.

slip dress

In 2020, the nightie dress is back in a simpler, sleeker version. It has no fancy details and is still made of the same material. This season’s nightie dresses are light, comfortable dresses with a minimalist design that can be worn with a pair of sneakers for a sporty chic look as well as with vertiginous heels.

Whatever the season, there is bound to be a long dress made for you. To satisfy our desires, we fall for a long nightie dress.

Printed or shiny, we can also adopt it in a micro-mini or extra long way! So, this is the trend of this season, that we don’t hesitate to adopt! The secret is to be comfortable! Feminine and very trendy during the 1990’s, the dress briefs are making a big comeback in our day and night wardrobes, while becoming THE must-have piece of the season and suitable for all morphologies!

Dress / Robe

Very often underestimated, this nightie dress has everything to please! Half-way between the lingerie dress and the summer dress, it is very modern and very practical to wear! It is almost impossible not to succumb to its charm. In satin, cotton or lace, this dress can be perfectly worn in winter and summer, without compromising your trendy look!

Long, short and available in several colours, it can be taken out of bed to be worn on the street and on all the catwalks! As a rule, this cut can be worn with everything and everywhere! With a leather or denim jacket, combined with high heels or not, the lingerie dress is a must in the wardrobe.

If you prefer the bohemian style, dare to use bright colours and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths! Floral motifs, boots, oversized jackets, handbags with shoulder straps: all the looks we have carefully chosen for you are impressive in terms of style and efficiency! Now it’s up to you!

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