It was thought to be stored in the back of the closets. But now the costume and his pants are back in fashion.

Candy pink, immaculate white or Prince of Wales prints: on the catwalk and in ready-to-wear brands, the pantsuit breaks out of its old-fashioned shackles to reveal all its creativity.

They all wear: the pants suit.

Women’s suits have never been so popular. Convenient, comfortable and super chic, this timeless women’s wardrobe is a must for any woman who wants to look great both in the office and on the street. But the suit we knew has metamorphosed over the years by adapting to emerging trends. Today, women’s suits seduce us with either feminine or oversized cuts, a variety of colors ranging from subtle to vibrant, the latest materials, bold prints and patterns, and interesting lengths.

Adjusted or oversized. Elegant black or pop yellow. The costume promises to be the must-have of the season to put on to be chic in the evening as well as at work.

Le tailleur femme d'après Zwitter, suit

Feminized by Gabrielle Chanel and adored by Julia Roberts, the trouser suit has been an essential part of our wardrobe for centuries.

The main piece of the working girl’s wardrobe of the 80s, the costume quickly became a cliché in the professional world, less desirable than indispensable. De-dramatized, uncluttered, it has been coming back for a few seasons to shake up our clothing routine, giving us more than ever the desire to apprehend it.

Le tailleur femme d'après Zwitter, suit

Chic and elegance are in the spotlight. The trouser suit has become ultra trendy, to our great pleasure. We see it everywhere: on fashionistas, modeistas and even stars. It is on the red carpet that we find the most beautiful looks in matching suits.

For women, the pant suit is worn for all occasions: in the street, in the evening, at work and even for a wedding outfit.

This season, the costume is thinking big, even extra-large! This must-have in the dandies’ wardrobe brings a much looser yet refined look to your feminine silhouette.

We love a loose blazer with a loose boyfriend cut that you will match with extra-large pants. And for an elegant effect straight out of the eighties, opt for an unstructured jacket with large shoulder pads.

Wearing a suit well is mainly a question of accessories. 

Le tailleur femme d'après Zwitter suit

With a pair of runnings, it takes on a streetwear look that even fluffy pants could hardly compete with. Conversely, combined with pointed pumps and a straight coat or long trench coat, the suit pants becomes the centerpiece of a sophisticated look. But our favorite way to wear it is the “girl to man” version, including a white shirt with a pointed collar that closes all the way to the top and a pair of varnished moccasins.

Le tailleur femme d'après Zwitter suit

The final touch? A pair of maxi sunglasses to energize the whole.

Indispensable for the fall-winter 2020-2021 wardrobe, the pants suit is couture and all at an affordable price.

What if all you needed was a suit jacket and a pair of well-cut pants to be chic and trendy?  For a long time reserved for businessmen, the tailor now invites himself in the women’s wardrobe and all this for our greatest pleasure. 

In 2021 we say stop to the black suit, now it comes in the most beautiful colors and the craziest materials. 

As for the cut, Zwitter highlights the XXL suit (we love it). We wear it in nude tones for a casual attitude and an urban look, in terms of material, we become femme fatale with this snakeskin effect printed in suede. 

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